Templo da Transparência Sublime


Taoism. Temple of Sublime Transparency. Rio de Janeiro

Templo da Transparência Sublime


Taoism. Temple of Sublime Transparency. Rio de Janeiro



Compassion, moderated desires, and humility: what if these were the three treasures to search for and keep in the world in which we live? What if there was nothing more important than learning to put these values to practice?

As well as serenity, non-action, emptiness, simplicity, spontaneity, and the contemplation of nature?

The ethical basis for Taoism, a religious tradition originated in China, remind us that the important thing in human life is staying in harmony with the Tao: a foundation that can be translated as the path or moving force behind all there is… but it’s not really possible to explain something so essential and unspeakable to the followers.

“When someone’s nature is exuberant,

When they accomplish

what they’re here to achieve,

They open up to the world

and resources emerge.”

Hamilton Fonseca, President of the Brazilian Taoist Society

This faith’s main rituals are Purification, Offering, and Distribution. Between five and seven in the morning, Yang energy is born: this is the ideal moment for the daily Purification ritual in monasteries, a time to ask the Sacred to be a channel for everything that’s pure in the world. Joyful and relaxed, the Offering ritual is also often a daily one in monasteries, and takes place at around noon, when light is as abundant as it can be. The Distribution ritual is a celebration commissioned by the priests to call for the salvation, protection and compassion of inferior entities.

It was master Lao Zi who, about six hundred years BC,  wrote the book upon which the religion was founded. Complex and brief, the Tao Te Ching is a challenge-text: the goal of reading it must be to empty one’s self and be as natural as water.

Misunderstood and persecuted for years, the Taoist religion was only freely developed in Taiwan. This is also the country where master Wu Zhi Cheng was born: he moved to Brazil in 1973 and founded, alongside a group of friends and priests, the Brazilian Taoist Society in 1987, in Rio de Janeiro.

An avid researcher of Brazilian energies and beliefs, Master Cheng opened a space for the practice of Taoism, meditation, and martial arts at the Temple of Sublime Transparency (Templo da Transparência Sublime) in Cosme Velho – a central region in the city of Rio de Janeiro. And even his religious rituals were allowed to indulge in the Brazilian cultural accents: hybrid seams mark the arrival and permanence of this faith in Brazil.

The house was opened and is currently presided by Master Hamilton Fonseca, and the temple’s rituals are intended mainly to increase meditation performance, devotion to the Sacred, making open ways, emotional stability, protection, and longevity. These are the desires, so specific entities are invoked to respond to each of the wishes.

“The loud sound creates a frequency

to attract external forces.

That’s why, in any religion,

there is loud singing.”

Hamilton Fonseca, President of the Brazilian Taoist Society

As an invitation to the entities, they chant songs and mantras: sound notes fill the scenery also composed by water, talismans, and swords. The incense burning helps set the tone to a dance between the loud and quiet voices: wishes are echoed into the mysteries, each individual mutters their response. With each person who empties themself, a step is taken towards connecting with nature.


Hamilton Fonseca Filho



Hamilton Fonseca Filho


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