Get Involved

This entire project is based on a very independent vision of creativity, and therefore we have been able to count on many people along the roads of Brazil to help us travel, sleep, register, edit, cut and re-cut, and finally open our eyes.

The project is still going on - not in terms of recordings, but for sharing, educating, and perfecting this large database on spirituality and sacred music in Brazil.

In many ways, we want to learn from you as much as we want to share what we have learned. We love to welcome good energies and want to continue make this website a very unique place - so here's how you can help:

• please email us if you find any corrections to make in any languages

• if you want to help translate a few more elements of the films, and even dedicate yourself to translating towards another language (spanish...?)

• any general remarks concerning the website and any bugs you might encounter in case

• get in touch as well if you want to add some links to the pages, extending the knowledge towards other realms and more

Overall we would be more than happy to exchange with you on this collection. Please help us spread the word, organize your own screenings, ask us to participate in discussions and debates. We enjoy very much correspondances.

As well, we are always open to new ideas, new projects. Do not hesitate to tell us about a forest community here, a new mountain tribe there, or some essays into autonomous zones. We will visit at some point.

Last, if you feel like supporting this independent project with any donation, you can either type in that box below, or email us directly at

This money will help us to maintain the website alive for the next years, paying for the Vimeo / Bandcamp / Soundcloud subscriptions and other digital tools we are using.

Axé, Aleluia, Haux. We are together !