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The Film

From 3 years of research around Brazil, HÍBRIDOS, THE SPIRITS OF BRAZIL dives into the sacred culture of the largest country in South America through a very poetic and sensorial approach.

As an exploration of trance-cinema, the film breaks down the distance between the viewer and the subject, guiding them trough a realm of movements, of non-stop dances, of music pulsating at high rhythms, creating in its core a new perspective about what might be the invisible and how to we deal with it in a creative way.

An ethnographic journey into the world of sacred ceremonies and their diversity, as well as a trip into cinema as a pure poetic language. Without any voices paving the way, only the sounds of the rituals and the chants of the devotees, Híbridos is a music film of a new kind.

The Team

Directed and produce by French filmmakers and researchers Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon, co-produced by Fernanda Abreu, HÍBRIDOS has been created in a very independent way, outside the classical circuits. This methodology allowed us to offer all the films to the people we filmed, they can use this material to celebrate their cultures, and allowed the project to evolve organically, and little by little create its own forms.

This feature length film is only one part of a trans-cinema project that includes this website, a large collection of digital albums and short films, live cinema experiments around the world, and immersive multi-screens installations.

Where to see the film

The film has its official release in 2018, first in Brazil then in France and other parts of the world...


29 - 6   In the thearters in Brazil : 

• Estaçao Net Botafogo- Rio de Janeiro 17h40

 Espaço Itau Frei Caneca - São  Paulo  16h / 21h40

Reserva Cultural - Niterói  13h00   

31 • Performance Híbridos LIVE with  Magda Pucci. +Ilú Obá de Min at Viaduto do Chá (SP) 19:00



03 •  Fim session at Cine Conversa Q&A at Teatro Aliança Francesa,19:00 (SP)

04 • Film session at Mostra do Filme Livre + Q&A at CCBB,19:00 (SP)

19 • Film session at  MIS Cine Santa Tereza + Q&Ao, 19:30 (BH)

20 • Híbridos LIVE at Lalá, 19:00 (SSA)

23 • Film session at Espaço Itau Cultural (Galuber Rocha) + Q&A, 20:30 (SSA)

24 • Film session at Mostra do Filme Livre  at CCBB, 19:00 (DF)

26 • Film session at Cine Cultura + Q&A, 19:00 (DF)

How to organize a screening

Soon, everybody will be able to organize its own screening, following a few steps explained later on this website.


If you have any questions or want to help the project


Priscilla Telmon + Vincent Moon


Fernanda Abreu




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