Sri Prem Baba


Spiritual guru. Ashram of Portal da Chapada. Sri Prem Baba. Alto Paraíso de Goiás. Chapada dos Veadeiros. Goiás state. Thousands of followers across the globe

Sri Prem Baba


Spiritual guru. Ashram of Portal da Chapada. Sri Prem Baba. Alto Paraíso de Goiás. Chapada dos Veadeiros. Goiás state. Thousands of followers across the globe


Sri Prem Baba

A Lord, spiritual father, of divine love: the father of love. This is what Janderson Fernandes de Oliveira’s new name denotes about him. And if there are those who, in a country with so many different faiths, doubt the popular saying “God is Brazilian”, at least it is well known that one of the greatest living gurus was born in Brazil a little over fifty years ago.

This boy who had visions early in life was born in the largest city in Latin America, São Paulo. Around that same time, he started receiving his first callings to become a spiritual guide, an avatar (a reincarnated deity) from the Indian lineage of the Sachcha. By the time he was thirty-three and going through a personal crisis while dealing with the distressing task of being a psychologist in the big city, Janderson went on a trip to India that helped him find his place in the world: he met his master, Sri Hans Raj Maharajji, and realized he had to follow this same path.

“I believe the key to freedom

is in the intersection

between the mind and the heart”

Prem Baba

Since then, Prem Baba has been working towards what he believes is the path to unity between: reason and intuition, science and faith, Brazil and India, West and East. He feels this intensely chaotic moment experienced in contemporary societies – across economy, consumption, love, family, faith, politics… - is actually a symptom of an important and transforming phase, an evolution into a state of higher unity amongst all.

“There is just one truth.

There is just one God.

There is just one love.

And it is manifested in different ways

according to the needs

of each person or group”

Prem Baba

He himself can’t stipulate a sole procession of faith as his own – neither does he see any use in it. Is he following the Hindu, Buddhist, or Christian religion? None and all but mainly, Prem Baba believes in love. This is the energy that moves all his actions, and his search for this energy allows him to share thoughts and methods for those who wish to evolve.

A first step toward this state of love actually is to learn silence all over again. Some of the most sought-after experiences Prem Baba offers are twelve-day long retreats in which the only sounds come from within, and it’s therefore impossible to ignore the feelings from which we often hide. Vegetarian food, meditation, and exchanges with nature: by the end of the twelve days, voices share reports of profound transformation.

“Humans have forgotten

the language of silence,

as they have learned the languages

of noise and suffering”

Prem Baba

At his meetings, Indian mantras can he heard: just as much as silence, music helps in creating energetic harmony and using sensibility to access other levels of consciousness otherwise inaccessible through sense.

Aside from meetings and retreats, his work also involves volunteering and speaking in different venues across the globe, especially at the ones he runs: the Ashram he inherited from his master in Rishikesh in India, the Sachcha Mission Ashram in the backcountry of São Paulo state, and Novo Portal da Chapada in Alto Paraíso de Goiás. In the largest crystal platform in the planet – miles and miles of submerged quartz -, is Brazil’s core and, some might say, its energetic core. Prem Baba’s new address is located in an extremely exuberant and mystical region: some of Brazil’s most majestic waterfalls, the fascinating fauna and flora from the cerrado biome, stories of people from all over the world who have made this their home by choosing to live closer to the crystals’ energy.

“The mind might try to explain God,

but he’s impossible to be explained.

Spirituality is a deeper look into reality.

It’s what is left when we let go

from concepts, from prejudice”

Prem Baba

With this new address, Prem Baba has drawn an actual portal in the world map: he started by doodling a bridge between West and East not only on the planet but also within everyone who would approach him. A beautiful work of a higher love, which no longer belongs to him alone, but to thousands of people who follow him on his Awaken Lovers movement. Wide-awake, the guru’s followers are touched and intend to touch what’s inside and what seems distant. He proposes a new geography with no labels and no frontiers… the most sought-after science is once again the purest of all human feelings.

“One person’s love can shed a light

on someone else’s dormant love”

Prem Baba


Sri Prem Baba



Sri Prem Baba


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